GDPR health check for marketers

GDPR-you ready?

Dear marketer,

Welcome on the famous Road to the GDPR. After you take this test, you will know how close you are to meeting the requirements of the new privacy legislation, which has entered into force on 25 May 2018. We hope you’ll make it till the end! ;)

If you use email and/or text message marketing, you have to deal with data and personal information. These are precisely the areas that the GDPR will affect the most…

What does the test look like:
- Ten knowledge questions
- Ten practical questions

Because each knowledge question is followed by a practical question about the same topic, you can complete this test fairly quickly. What do you already know and what measures have you already taken? You can earn points for both components.

It is very important that you answer every question as truthfully as possible and that you finish the test. Afterwards, we will send you all relevant information you need to become fully GDPR-proof via email.

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